It is never easy to introduce oneself, nor to tell a story about who we are.
I started taking photos when I was still a child, using the Olympus Camera my father gave me as a present.
I was observing the world, a world whose skin and colors would change so much on a film. Then my passion bloomed: I used my free time to tell stories of sea, of sand, of stolen eyes in the thousands of sports that I have practiced.
Initially just playing, then I started to get more serious, taking photographs of important sport events in various fields. I tried to freeze in time the most spectacular athletic moves, I have always spoken through my lenses, filling with color those parts of my persona which would otherwise have been left in the shadows.
Then, from the colorful world of sports, I moved on to Black and White.
I took part in experimental projects, ________
I have recited, through my shots, with extraordinary personalities.
Now, I “laugh”…. I laugh with unique actors who gave me the possibility to draw a new reality through their world I have discovered and appreciated my own.
I have sailed and drawn the sea in a personal and unique way, and now, with nineteen years of experience, I am starting on a new path made of images, words and sensations.